Tutorial 1: Set Up A New Character

Start Interactor with your own characters. Also in this video, there are some basic informations along with the effector setup.

Tutorial 2: Creating Targets, Presets and Adjusting Interaction Speeds

Creating new interaction targets and preparing presets are explained. Besides interaction speeds and using custom easing options for animations covered in this tutorial. And additional information about the spawner window & sceneview menus.

Tutorial 3: Workflow Tutorial

You can find lots of information about the Interactor workflow and you can skip to any part with timestamps on timeline. And all the interactions in Workflow Trailer recreated with additional infos and commentary.

Tutorial 4: Creating New Interaction Type With Scripts

We'll be creating a new interaction type (Magic Levitation interaction) with Interactor. This tutorial will explain how Interactor codes work and how you can create your own interaction types with codes.

Tutorial 5: InteractorAI Tutorial

Interactor v0.95 introduces InteractorAI, enabling characters to autonomously navigate to interactions. InteractorAI can even initiate interactions while en route. Watch the showcase and detailed tutorial video for a comprehensive demonstration.

Tutorial 6: Interactor Setup and InteractorAI Integrations for Different Controllers (Invector, Opsive & GKC)

This tutorial provides Interactor setups and InteractorAI integrations for various controller types. The setup and integration processes for Invector Third Person Controller, Opsive Third Person Controller, and Game Kit Controller can be accessed through video sections.

Tutorial 7: AnimAssist Tutorial

This one shows how to use the AnimAssist component. The first 5 minutes will give you a complete idea, but you can also learn how to download a new animation clip from Mixamo and use it with InteractorAi.

Interactor Announcement Trailer

First announcement trailer for Interactor that published on Sep 2021. It showcases the UI design and the Interactor's capabilities.

Interactor Workflow Trailer

Second Interactor trailer focuses on new SceneView presets and demonstrates how interactions can be easily created.

Interactor First Person Trailer

Interactor has a new two bone IK solver for Non-humanoids in v0.89. Now you can use hand animations for your First Person rigs. Also now it supports multiple Interactors in same scene.

InteractorPaths Trailer

InteractorPath allows immense creativy for your interactions. At the same time, it fixes previous straight-lined interaction issues.